203(k) Investor Program

Investors can purchase SFRs with 20% down on the purchase price plus the rehab amount. This loan provides a loan amount up to 95% of the after improved value. Find a buyer that has the 5% down payment and qualifies with the lender…close the home with a one time assumable loan and get your funds released from escrow. No additional appraisal is needed. This is the FNMA “Home Style” and “Home Path” loan programs and the old “escrow commitment procedure” works on it.


If your credit is good we have lenders that will loan up to 70% of the “after improved value” on an investment property up to four units. That means that if you find a property for $100,000 with a construction amount of $100,000, as determined by an appraisal and in conjunction with the same report we use for the 203k, and an “as improved value” of $300,000, based on an appraisal by one of our approved associates you could get 100% of the purchase and rehab and up to $10,000 of your closing costs financed.

That means;


If you are interested in this program… Set up an appointment to go over the particulars with us and our lender. You must have good credit, identify a property, and order the consultation & appraisal from one of our associates nationally.

Investors cannot get financing without proof of a way out of a property.

If you are a borrower and don’t have a down payment then you might buy with no money down by letting one of our “investors” purchase and rehab a home for you with a signed contract to purchase this property from the investor within a specific time period. The home buyer gets a home with no money out of their pocket, the investors knows up front when they will be able to sell the property to them, this is a win-win situation.